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Display of Artwork Policy

Dim 11 Déc - 19:12

Display of Artworks Policy

to make things clear

The forum uses artworks in order to illustrate its RPG universe as well as possible.

Because we love arts and try to be respectful of artist's creations, we want to make things clear about the use of artwork.

   - Every artwork will be credited with the name of the artist and a link to his personnal webpage.
   - Nobody will claim a fake paternity on these artworks.
   - No drastic modification will be done on the original drawing.
   - The pictures could be removed by the artist on a simple request by email. Here is our adress :
   - Mayaku doesn't take any benefits on using artworks. They are only used as illustrations.

Please email us for further information or for any request.

email :


Lun 18 Déc - 10:43


thank you

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- Design & codes : @Morgan Marshall & @Christal Marshall
- Codes source des sous-catégories, listes des membres et profils gracieusement offerts par CCCrush.
- Illustrations : Ruben Ireland
- Tous les écrits appartiennent à leur auteur respectif. Merci de respecter leur travail.